Chill Pill Demo

by Chill Pill

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released May 17, 2013



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Track Name: Slime
we could be friends
if you made amends
talk to me like you did before
you found my weed in the closet
your every remark was so caustic
so here i lay
every fucking day
trying to find a way to say
i'm getting out of here
i'll talk to you in a couple of years

we know that it's a long shot
but why not?

because you don't understand me
or how i wear my jeans
this house is not my home
oh shoot me please
i understand your point
and i wont roll another joint
now will you just fucking leave me be?
Track Name: Glow
my constant shortcomings
are overrunning
my ability to
think on my own
calling for help
feeling sorry for myself
its a losing streak

how i fall off the deep end
when i hear you say that
im doing it wrong again
my never ending helpless
attitude causes distress
in the lives of my loving friends

when will it end?
Track Name: Cold Day
it's gonna be a cold day but i'll stay
who knows where i will end up anyways
its just my friends that i miss
and the way she kissed me as she says
its not okay

i think about calling it quits
every time i have to see mrs. schmidt
and when they say "mr. berry
what are you gonna be?"
i say i couldn't give less of a shit

because i'm all alone in this building
alone at my home
wish i was out with my friends
san jose or the nome
oh the places we'd go
skateboarding or the show
until then all i'll know
is it's gonna be a cold day
Track Name: Mind Flood
back in february
i was drunk and it was raining
feeling strange as usual
until i walked inside
and i saw her eyes
it made me think that love just might not be a lie

and we know that it's true
that i live so fucking far away from you
but it'll have to make do
because i'll do anything i have to
for you