For Mindy

by Bread Club

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released October 19, 2013



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Bay Area Indie//Punk record label.

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Track Name: Do You Know Casey Linda?
Hands on the faucet, and I can feel it in my dick but I can't make sense of it in my mind.
Some muffled noises is all it takes to realize that this isn't the right time,

It's just the feeling that I can't describe,
Under sterile light that only hurts my eyes.

Unspoken agreement, I think we both know we won't see much of each other anymore.
All for the better, I'm sure I can't hold a candle to those who came before.

It's just the gesture took me by surprise,
I've still never looked you in the eyes.
Track Name: Headbanger's Ball
Hatred breeds creativity,
Hatred breeds sobriety

We don't play weddings.

I am Jamey Jasta, I am the savior of hardcore,
I am Jamey Jasta, I am the savior of the world.
Track Name: Odds//Ends
I'd never felt this way before, the day I learned that I was wrong, or rather that you'd proved me right. But now I'm not so convinced that I've become who you never thought that I could be in the first place. And each time I somehow end up on some strange new path to something else, you seemingly arrive to lure me off and I fall into this life.
Track Name: Texas Tech Jeff Wilson
Like it or not, I'm here to stay and I'll hold on to nodding off. Even when you hate me, don't think of the times of just you and I. And if I haven't changed "all for the better", then why does nothing feel the same?

This won't change anything, another way to "make it right". I have no trust in truth on the inside. This is not new to me, another way to cover a lie. If I've ever felt anything, then this will be the last time.

Don't downplay your growing distaste, I know what it's like to have your shit depreciate in value. But if he's gotta have his way, just keep this shit in mind. If he's bug eyes, call me bug spray.

Hey Mindy, you came and you gave without taking, and Casey says that you like me, but how do I know she's not lying? Hey Linda, I gave you everything that I had, and you sent me away to Mindy, so maybe I'll give her a chance.