Introvert Records Summer Compilation Vol. 1

by Introvert Records

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released June 18, 2013

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I'd like to send out a huge thanks to all the bands and labels that were apart of this compilation album. I spent a good couple months putting it together and overall, I had a lot of fun and also made some new friends along the way. I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I do. Thanks again.



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Track Name: Chill Pill - Unwind
i think i'll go up to my room
where there isn't a thing to do
sit and stare at the wall
for an hour or two
and im not complacent
i wish to erase them
these feelings that i'm
i'm falling apart

i'm falling apart

i find
that i can't even align
the right way every time
painting pictures i can't even define
its the life i chose
its the story i wrote
all that's left
is to unwind

i'm losing it all
Track Name: Taking Meds - The Biesel Blues
Be as loud as you want I guess
There's no one upstairs and I don't think anyone's complained yet
I'm tired despite the rent, my man
If the 5-0 come just say I went out of town
Find something to do 'til everything calms down

We can reformulate it
Run it 'til it's run its final time
We can reformulate it
Run it
'Til it's run it's final time
And then what can we do?
We can reformulate it
Your guess
Your guess as good as mine
And then what will we do?

There is always someone, there is
There's always someone
There's always someone
There's always someone
There's always someone

There's always someone in the mob
Who blinks more rapidly
There's always someone in the mob
Who blinks more rapidly
There's always someone in the back seat
Sitting less comfortably

You put me in, despite the price
And I'll be gunning for the vice
I always thought was a dream

We can reformulate it
Run it 'til it's run its final time
We can reformulate it
Run it
'Til it's run it's final time
And then what can we do?
We can reformulate it
Your guess
Your guess as good as mine
And then what will we do?

And then what can we do?
And then what will we do?
Track Name: Nai Harvest - You're Not That Boring
When I talk to you it's never boring. But you can't stand still and I find it appealing, you jog on the spot and I watch. We talked shit about politics we had no idea about, and it worked out.

And we were limping? That's all I remember.
Track Name: Leer - Waldorf
Are you angry?
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
Are you angry?
I can’t hold this in
Are you angry?
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
I can’t hold this in
I can’t hold it in
I can’t hold you in
Fire in my pocket
Hatred in my throat
Anger in my veins
Leave it alone
Leave me alone
Burn the home
It slipped through my chest and into your hands
I’ll find my way one day but until then the lines are thin
Track Name: Toasted Plastic - Greater Thinking
I'm listening too carefully
The spaces in between your words are slowly killing me,
but I'm bored of playing waiting games without you
(Pace yourself before you go)
I'm thinking much harder than I should,
but maybe racing thoughts will prop me up from where I stood
This is going the same way that I was told it would

(Hanging by a thread)
It seems the more that I look,
the more meaningless this image becomes

While I was still awake, you tried to tell me something
but we decided we'd be better off if some things were left unsaid

It seems the more that I look, the more I'm missing
look away
Track Name: Foxing - Sunspotting
i think i'm gonna find my sea legs, i am drifting on
summer spots they caught me gleaming, my ocean arms are home
& i swear i could love it always if summer stayed the same
i feel like i felt when i'm dreaming when wolves forgot my name
i think i'm gonna find my sea legs

you swim with lively arms, you wade with lifeless arms
we swim in summer lakes sunspotting in landlocked states

i took my lessons, all of my learnings, threw them in the ocean, burned all my earnings

weight turned to flight, lifting my shoulders
(warped teeth, soft lift, haunting all of these corners)
time heals wounds that pin us like boulders
struggling, washed out, carry present to former)
breath held so long our voices were strangers
(gasping, trying so hard to rearrange this)
imperfect, we're human, we're not divine rearrangers
(longing too form from devine rearrangers)
Track Name: Vice - Teenage Nightmare
These fucking kids
They just want shit
They just take shit
"I'm totally drained of any dreams
Why care about shit when the worlds been handed to me
I've been so fed up with this life that I have
cause my mommy didn't buy me that new prada bag"
Is that too bad? Lifes too fuckin bad
You boys and girls need some fucking manners
How the fuck could you whine with all those silver platters?
While the rest just get by with what they struggle for
you just keep complaining that you need more and more
The wasted youth, the unseen truths
While plagues run rampant in the streets
Put your poison on pedestals, peel back the wool
And you'll fucking see
These Spoiled fucking selfish kids who just can't learn what a book is
The grass gets greener everyday. As they kill themselves and waste away
Pass the buck
In their teenage nightmare
This place will never be the same while my head always hangs in shame
I wish you could see life outside diamond eyes.
Where there's actual pain. Where there's gray fucking skies.
Where my grass doesent get any fucking greener
When you despise the majority and the minority is 4
When your only time of true happiness is screaming on a floor
In a room full of kids who share one thing they love
And were not these fucking cliques whose main concern are cars and drugs
Because the pain that you and I feel
Are worlds apart
When you're alone in a room of your peers
With just a cold heart. Just don't start
Track Name: Gillian Carter - I've Been Forgotten & So Have You
Light years away , that is where i will be waiting
miles away , that is where you will be living
i thought friendships were suppose to be forever.
I've been forgotten and so have you (4x)
words mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
the past means nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
letters mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
feelings mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
Track Name: Casket - Grown / Bitter
Your life can end in a blink of an eye
I hear the voices say I'm going to die
The cables out & I'm still angry
I have no pulse, the noise is slowly fading.

& I'm trying so hard to grasp this bitter feeling of remorse

Take back your sympathy, Keep my casket open what you lost is what you see.
I hope it hits you hard every passing year, our hearts are getting cold as the seasons always change.

This hollow chest where my heart should rest will never come back.

So let me go while you can, I promise this will be the last time around, the last time you let me down.

I'm gaining strength to take it all away, just let me go, for me.

There's no turning back, I'm better off gone, 6 feet under ground while you're dying alone.
Track Name: Placeholder - Bright Enough To Shine
On going and treason
Why did it ever bother me? Did it ever bother you?
And there's a light on in your room
Who you'll never pray to be, who I'll never get to see

And I cut the ropes that tie my arms and legs
And I ask why I'm not bright enough to shine
I'll fight it off for a little while
But, I'll eventually die

There's nothing else I need to say. What do I need to be?
There's nothing left for us to lose. What do you want to be?
There's nothing else I want to do, so won't you tell me?
There's no reason for me to yield, so won't you tell me?

Time and failure, one after another
and you can choose to continue
I know where you'll end up
Yes, I know where you'll end up
Track Name: Second To Last - Drugs
I want drugs, give me drugs
Give me fabricated drugs
Oh and sex, I want sex
Cause I'm feeling worthless
My generation has no way out
Oh and pills, bring me pills
Cause I need a cheap thrill
I'm drinking alcohol, I've got a liver to kill
Mom and dad can't stop me now

Wasted, I've been degraded
Strung out in my living room
Jaded, the most hated
This bed has become a tomb

I want meth, scored some meth
Cause I'm feeling tireless
More coke for my nose, there's no weed left to smoke
Heroin makes me feel isolated
I'm alone, all alone
Not fit for walking home
Alone, left alone
With no place to go
Mom and dad come save me now

I want drugs for my personality
I want drugs for my stability
Give me drugs to be who I am
So I won't remember who I've been
Track Name: Harsh Vibes - HV CRU
I’m losing hope
Fuck the scene, Fuck this show
I’m all alone
Fuck my friends, I’m at the end.

So tie the noose & let me rot.
Fuck my brain & fuck my thoughts.

I’m losing it
Sick of trying, just fucking quit.
I’m over it,
Break your records, end this shit.

I’m all alone, all alone, again.
Track Name: Tiger Lily - Heaven / Plagues
In heaven everything is fine

Far past the broken chapels
Where you have nothing left

Blessed be the plagues loved one
For hope has deserted you
Track Name: Swamps - Done Digging Holes
Rain comes down and I'm under again
Looking for reflection, feeling nothing but dead
Looking for something to call my own
Looking for the answers when they're so hard to find
Leave me alone to die in my head, a nail in the coffin for every word
you never said
Rain comes down, eroding my skull
Surrounded by family but I feel so alone

Feeling this feeling like a beast in my cage
Seeing no end with my eyes filled with rage
Seeing no end, what has my life become?
Seeing no end, just hang your head

A life that's spent slowly working backwards
A brain that's set to my own downfall
Seeing, searching, feeling but with no result
Crawl into the corner just to hang my head

Dead man stare into my eyes but you see no life
Scratching at the surface but at the bottom of the barrel
Dead mans stare 'cause I see no end
Crawl into the corner just to hang my head

Down on the ground with my face to the floor
I broke my fucking jaw so I won't bother..
You, I cannot stand, I cannot take
Done digging holes, I'm done feeling safe
Choking on my blood, beginning to taste, feeling this feeling like a
beast in his cage

Rain comes down and I'm under again, searching for the light as the
thunder begins
Rain comes down, eroding my skull Surrounded by family but I feel so
alone in my head, I'll die here alone Surrounded by the things that I
fear the most
Alone in this fight, but still I fight
Alone in my head, the rain, it never stops
Choking on my blood I feel so alone
Track Name: Oswald - Falkor, the Luck Dragon
What goes around
Finds its way back

I am
All this off

What’s left unsolved
Sparks a tumor
So malignant
With no chance of shrinking
follows you home
Sits by your bed
Tears holes in your sheets
And shreds your nerve ends

Steadfast hurry
Without a crutch
Don’t worry
It wont hurt so much

What goes around
Finds its way back
Track Name: Dads - Groin Twerk
One day you’ll be married,
and you won’t have to feel
dirty purchasing pregnancy tests from
convenience stores with your best friend,
oh I was your best friend once,
walking down the aisles picking out baby names.

Yesterday I found pictures of you sitting in your underwear;
a middle finger to your mother, and a fuck you to your father.

There’s a flag in my doorframe,
there’s a sweater on the floor,
there was a time you once loved me
but we both know that’s no more.

But were you sure?
Well are you sure?
Track Name: Nicknames - Start Conversation
start conversations,
why do i bother?
your concentration's nonexistent.

but still, i persist until i'm water under your bridge
a current flowing quickly away from your presence
the air you are exhaling
more than i hoped,
a sigh of smoke that
dissipates and i relate
so squandered.

Onward towards the next verse
less awk-words
more quick turns
music captures a moment
even if it doesn't exist
bogged down by a chorus
words i wrote i'm now ignoring
those verses burning
so toss me & turn me away

places place me in situations i can't face
maybe i should just keep drinking
or go get a new prescription

what's the difference
Track Name: Joyce Manor - Violent Inside
Some TV tonight
You don’t say I don’t stand too close
Because I never learned how to act right.
You’ll go looking for an excuse
To feel sad or confused
When all you want to do is let them all feel abuse.
You take a letter, take an I, take an S
From a stupid sentence and I’m not impressed.
You take a person that’s so well dressed
And I will feel violent because I feel violent all the time inside of me.
Track Name: Pantheon - Mary
Mary, shut the garden door
Memories, hang them from the arbor;
Let them grow again, every now and then.

Heavy lie your eyelids, dearie
Mary, rest your bones above me

I'm the ghost of me
and time fell short for haunting
I'll be present whether you like it or not
Yeah, the ghost of me clings
I'll be around, just outside of your earshot

Do you...
do you remember spring?
We would sing songs with our wounded knees

I'm the ghost of me
and time fell short for haunting
I'll be present whether you like it or not
Yeah, the ghost of me clings
I'll be around, just outside of your earshot

Mary, do you remember me?
Track Name: A Yawn Worth Yelling - Epithet, The Epithet
Applause, applause to the elegance
Of obsessing over its elements.

Like a cold knife to butter--
Rise like body of water
When you're sipping your rum.
Sometimes I'm crazy in love
With the thing you'll become.

If you think you're unhealthy
It's always hit and miss
Cause if you don't think of it
Then it doesn't exist.

But you don't think like that,
'Cause you're the wool and the linen
Sunday apples and jeans
The salty sand on the boardwalk
The terracotta and greens

Which stretches to Palm Desert
Over a rovering clover
Sob'ring my fields of thoughts
If you think you've forgotten
Then you already forgot.

Because my strings do tend to ravel and unwind,
I made a pact to do good and be kind.
But now I find my sacred rest in what I couldn't find inside my mind.

Now it's time the end to face the means,
For things are most forgotten in the in-between.
The gothic wave of tiredness eloped a movement in the crashing scene.

Epithet, the epithet--
You feel the heat in the summer,
And the love in the fall,
And the lonely in winter,
And the spring will recall

All the feelings you have felt.
It bled into your paintings
In the passing of years
An apparition of color
A blind Orion of tears.

Which always stains my clothes.
It turns into my laundry
Which my mother still cleans
Though she don't get to see
My tired face for weeks.

You can't undermine its call
When it speeds to your doorstep
And keeps spitting half-truths
All dressed up in a bowtie
With black slacks and black suits.

It's a mystery to us all;
Like voodoo dolls in a cornfield.
Like my sister's dad.
Like my brother in prison.
Like my new mother sad.

Figure it out on your own.
From what I've learned from astronomy,
You'll get to know the things you'll never get to see.

It's quiet now across the blasphemic sky.
But we lay awake in sparks that shoot too high.
The holy flame across my face did sear my lips and blind me in both eyes.

I'm searching for some hint, or clue, or sign
That my whole life will leave something worthwhile behind.
But when my body leaves this place, I'll still remain beside these words of

Watch me run!
C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!

They told me when I was a boy
To write every thing Mangum said down.
I was their scribe,
I was indescribable.
Track Name: Indian Taker - Growing Feigns
still have dreams and nothing’s changed, all of my fears just rearranged into these shades of black and grey, concrete says more than I do these days I try to outrun this growing pain, the same one that taught me how to push everyone away and dig this grave, until my feet drag again the bed I’ve made is where I'll lay. Sleep walking through these worthless nights, sleep talking to just feel alive until this skin doesn’t feel so cold one day. The winter passed as I did, when I became the faults I hid. You ask, I swear that I am okay. “Am I okay”? The distance between you and me is much farther than eyes can see. I held my breath and forced myself to choke on it, in hopes that the past was one that I could forget. I searched the sea to find myself, but it was too late. I dragged the lake and everyone who cared just faded away.
Track Name: Absent - Driveway
“Don’t go!” is all you said to me, as I was backing out of your driveway.
I stopped to roll down the window to press my lips against yours,
And to wipe the tears off your face, with the hope that this goodbye wouldn’t be for good.
(That this wouldn’t be for good)

I watched you fade into the distance
And with the passing of time I would fade from your mind.

It rained all the way home.

And since the time I spent with you, I’ve been spending my days alone.
And most nights, I hold you in my dreams, with the illusion of feeling you next to me.
Track Name: The Cold Front - Alone
It started from day one as i entered this world as a failing son.
a stolen truth from a cheating liars tongue. a faint breath from my dirty lungs.
And when you turned my retreating words against me, I should have never fled.
But when all you know is to pull the blinds on the sun, I chose to run instead.

And i try to forget the scars they left on me,
buried deep inside just like a rooting seed.
There is no fucking truth in the youth that I was shown
Hanging crosses on the walls just to call it a home.

For what? A life of secrets and stitched up lies.
Tearing at the fabric of the lives that we hide.
Dragging skeletons on my broken feet.
The blue prints of what I never wanted to be.


So what more does this fucking world want from me?
I gave life to a dead root, prayed to gods, and stole from fucking thieves.
But just like the sins being counted on rosary beads,
I’m just as guilty, as the blood that you and I fucking bleed.
So get off your knees and start living.
Find faith in the air that your breathing in.

Stop folding your hands, its not worth it.
There is no martyr to this dying world.
Track Name: Narrow Hearts - Animosity
In the midst of all this animosity
There isn't anyone that I would rather be
I look around and see all these judging eyes
Development is paved straight through all their lies
Stand strong for what you believe in
Only if you have self control
It's time to show you who I really am
Because I'm sick of what you have become
Be yourself
Stick to who you are
Stand up, step away from the fault line
Merge from the background
If you can manage to rise above hostility
Never seek to please the judge mental crowd
It takes strength to stand for what you believe
In the midst of all this animosity
There isn't anyone that I would rather be
If all you ever done your whole life is try to pursue one goal
You are straining yourself
I chose a road taken for granted by others
Change yourself before you are changed by the people around you
Scream from the silence
Let your voice be heard
When we are standing together
We will never be alone
Track Name: Kingmaker - New Left
I’ve created this environment in which I can be truly free of “social normalcy”
An anarchy of thought in this unrelenting brain I’ve got
It started out so beautifully, but now it tortures me; everything I see looks like shit to me
It stems from corporate greed - the profit incentives of wealthy executives
All my friends are filled with chemicals spoon fed by rich assholes
Trying to save a buck, but it’s just my luck to get caught in the middle of this cluster-fuck
Capitalize me
Incentivize me
Please give me a reason, give me something to believe in
I’m so sick of being stuck in my head and I want to be dead – I am alive just to sleep
Just a piece o the pie, that’s all I ask
When I die you can have it back
Look at me, crying on my knees; fucking bloody teeth
The wheels of the system keep turning and spinning
And grinding and burning
And forcing me down to my knees
A world where the well-to-be are void of all sympathy
I can't live like this, I can't live like this…
If I had the means I might change a few things
But I don't, so I let the gears spin out of control
We’re all alone in this but we do not have to be
This awful place gets smaller every day
And I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know what to say
This horrible place gets smaller every day
And it’s closing in on me.
I feel it closing in on me.
Fatten my wallet and make me free
I want to be like everybody else I see
I want to fight my way up, I want to step on heads
I want to build my wealth at the expensive of my equals.
I want the American dream.
Track Name: No Omega - Below
Can't you see the lack in me?
the lack of hope and integrity
it vanished so quickly no eyes could see
can't you see the lack in me?
the lack of love and sanity
when the sun turned black and betrayed me
darkness caught me
it caught me and you stood there watching
every place where death lies below
there's always this fucking crowd
they yell, pull my shirt not to leave
i understand this crowd, but do they understand me?